5 Things You Never Knew About Pitmaster Lee Ann Whippen

With nearly 20 years of experience behind the smoker, Lee Ann Whippen brings a competitive edge to her newest venture, Chicago q, an upscale, urban BBQ restaurant.  Chicago q has provided a platform for Whippen to bring BBQ to a new level.  Not only does Whippen do BBQ at her restaurant, she continues to BBQ competitively out of her enclosed 24-foot trailer in Virginia. Learn 5 things you never knew about Pitmaster Lee Ann:

  1. Lee Ann’s father taught her everything she knows about barbeque
  2. She is one of the few in her family who does not work in the airline industry
  3. Barbeque competitions provide Lee Ann with a complete full-body workout with all the running around and heavy lifting
  4. Lee Ann loves to fish
  5. She is a collector of pig paraphernalia (she wears a small gold pig pendant around her neck)

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